Tag: Utah Chenoa Fund

The Utah based Chenoa Fund Grant is the favorite program available for most Utah home buyers. With this grant it does not matter if you are a first time buyer or have owned a home before. The grant will be completely forgiven shortly after closing. You are virtually receiving instant equity in your home. All programs with the Chenoa Fund Grant will require a homebuyer to qualify for an FHA first mortgage. When a home buyer is ready for closing they are able to receive 3.5% grant/gift of the purchase price of the home they are purchasing. Typically this will cover your entire down payment for the home. There are no geographical restriction so the grant is available for the entire state of Utah.

Utah Home Grant Qualify

Qualification & Highlights:*

  • Purchase loans only
  • Must qualify for an FHA loan
  • 3.5% of purchase price available for down payment
  • May be used anywhere in Utah
  • Must follow maximum income limits
  • Owner occupied only
  • 1-2 Unit property (additional restrictions apply)
  • Min Fico Score 620


Chenoa Fund Programs

Forgivable Soft Second
Repayable Second