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Are you a Utah first time home buyer looking for that first time buyer grant program, but are unsure where to begin? Is there a Utah down payment grant program that can help me with? How much money do I need to save to purchase a home? What if I need government mortgage assistance program? The State of Utah is very supportive of first time home buyers and offers an assortment of mortgage grants for homes and down payment assistance programs to help you realize your dream of home ownership. Utah has many cities and counties that participate, however with the assistance of a seasoned and knowledgeable mortgage professional the process of finding the RIGHT housing grant program for you will be hassle-free.

This website will give you access to all of the current Utah first time homebuyer programs, down payment assistance, zero down and grants for buying a home. The search found below will assist you in researching all of the available programs and in which area they are located. Including: “The Chenoa Fund”, “Own in Ogden”, Own in Provo”, “Utah Housing Corp”, and many other government & local agency down payment assistance programs.

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West Valley First Time Home Buyers Grant Program

If you are a Utah first time home buyer looking to buy a home in West Valley City Utah a $14,999 government grant program can help make buying a home a little easier. The West Valley Down Payment Assistance Program (DAP) offers funds to help low to moderate income families realize their dream of owning […]

West Valley Utah 7,500 Home Grant

West Jordan, Utah $10,000 First Time Homebuyer Grant Money Program

The City of West Jordan, Utah is providing up to $10,000 for first time homebuyers that purchase a home within West Jordan City limits. This grant may be applied to half of the required down payment and/or one-time closing costs. Funds are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. The home buyer must occupy the home […]

Utah State West Jordan $5,000 Grant

Weber County Utah $5,000 Grant Money Down Payment Assistance

Own in Ogden First $10,000 Time Buyer Grant ProgramWeber County, first time buyers program in conjunction with the Community Development Block Grant Program, has been given government grant money for first time homebuyers looking to buy a home in Weber County. Eligible applicants are provided with Weber County Grant Money funds that can be used […]

Weber County Utah 5,000 DPA Grant Program

Utah Rural Housing Zero Down Program

Although, the Utah rural housing program is technically not a down payment assistance program it is an excellent way to get into a home without a down payment. This program assists low and moderate income households the opportunity to own their own home with 100% financing to those that qualify. It is also called the […]

Utah Housing Score Loan

The Utah Housing Score Loan is Utah mortgage loan program for borrowers who do not meet the minimum Fico requirement of the FirstHome or HomeAgain loan. For the Score Loan Utah Housing Corporation has set a 620 mid score for the minimum fico score. You still must be able to qualify and meet all the […]

Utah Housing Corporation Loan Down Payment Assistance Score

Utah Housing HomeAgain Loan

The Utah Housing HomeAgain Loan can be used by first time homebuyers or buyers that have previously owned a home. It allows for 2+ units as long as one is owner occupied.  It is a great mortgage for anyone who does not have or does not want to put an initial down payment on a […]

Utah Housing Corporation Loan Down Payment Assistance HomeAgain

Utah Housing Freddie Mac HFA Loan

The Utah Housing Freddie Mac HFA Loan is not just a first time homebuyers program. This Utah down payment assistance (DPA) program allows for first time buyers and previous homeowners. It is also the only conventional Freddie Mac program they offer currently. To qualify you must have a minimum of a 700 fico score and […]

Utah Housing Corporation Loan No Mortgage Insurance

Utah Housing FirstHome Loan

The Utah Housing First Time Buyer Program called FirstHome Loan is a great program for any first time buyer. The Utah housing First Time Buyer Program allows for up to 6% of the first mortgage loan as down payment assistance (DPA). This DPA is in the form of a 30 year fixed rate second loan. […]

Utah Housing Corporation Loan Down Payment Assistance FirstHome

Utah Housing Corporation Down Payment Assistance

The Utah Housing Corporation offers several options for down payment assistance programs for first time buyers and buyers who have previously owned a home. Utah legislation created the Utah Housing Corporation (UHC) in 1975 to serve the public to provide an adequate supply of money with mortgage loans at a reasonable interest rate. This Utah […]

Utah Housing Corporation Loan Down Payment Assistance

Tooele, Utah $10,000 First Time Buyer Program

The Tooele County Housing Authority (TCHA) helps qualified first time home buyers purchase a home by providing a federally funded loan of up to $10,000 to assist with down payment and/or closing costs. Loans are dispersed on a first come, first serve basis and can be applied to the purchase of a single-family home, condo, […]

Tooele Utah 3,000 Grant Program Down Payment Assistance

The Chenoa Fund

The Chenoa Fund is an affordable housing program that provides a down payment solution in conjunction with FHA loans. It fulfills a need for qualified homebuyers that do not have or do not want to use their own funds for a down payment. There are three different programs available to fit most homebuyer’s unique needs. […]

Utah Chenoa Loan Gift Home Grant Program

Salt Lake Neighborhood Home Grant

If yu are a Utah first time homebuyer looking for a home in Salt Lake City, a $39,000 neighborhood down payment assistance grant is available. The “Own in Salt Lake City” program is a federally funded, deferred loan/grant program. This program assists eligible first time homebuyers purchase single family homes with a deferred loan/grant up […]

Salt Lake City 5000 Grant Down Payment Assistance

Salt Lake County First Time Buyer Program

The “Own in Salt Lake County” first time home buyer program is a federally funded deferred loan/grant program that can provide up to $20,000 which can be applied to the 50% of required down payment. The goal of this government assistance program is to offer income-eligible households grant funds to help purchase a single-family home. […]

Salt Lake City 5000 Grant Down Payment Assistance

Own in Ogden First $10,000 Time Buyer Grant Program

The “Own in Ogden” first time homebuyer program has helped hundreds and hundreds of people realize their dream of owning a home in Ogden. This government grant program offers $10,000 to first time buyers, $15,000 to state certified K-12 classroom teachers and $20,000 to sworn Police Officers and Firefighters when purchasing a home in Ogden […]

Ogden Utah 10,000 Grant Down Payment Assistance

Davis County $5,000 Home Buyer Grant

Davis County offers a down payment assistance program for all qualified first time homebuyers. Applicants can obtain $5,000 to assist with closing cost and/or down payment when they apply for this government grant money. The funds will be treated as a zero interest, no monthly payment loan as long as you occupy the home for […]

Davis County Grant Program Down Payment

Clearfield Utah $7,500 Homebuyer Grant Program

Clearfield City’s Down Payment Assistance (CCDP) is a federally funded first time home buyer grant program that will contribute up to $7,500 to qualified applicants looking to buy a home in Clearfield. The grant funds are distributed as a one (1) to one (1) match. For example: Applicant has a $5,000 to put towards the […]

Clearfield Utah 5000 Grant Program

Chenoa Fund Repayable Second

The Utah based Chenoa Fund home buyer program offers a Repayable Second mortgage for anyone who qualifies and is over the income limits for the area. Saving money can be hard even if you are making above the median income, however you can still get help with your down payment. The Chenoa fund program will […]

Chenoa Loan Hard Second Down Payment Assistance

Chenoa Fund Grant

The Utah based Chenoa Fund Grant is the favorite program available for most Utah home buyers. With this grant it does not matter if you are a first time buyer or have owned a home before. The grant will be completely forgiven shortly after closing. You are virtually receiving instant equity in your home. All […]

Chenoa Loan Gift Home Grant Program

Chenoa Fund Forgivable Soft Second

The Utah based Chenoa fund homebuyer program offers a forgivable soft second grant option.  The Chenoa Fund forgivable soft second grant program also allows for 3.5% or 5% of the purchase price to be used towards your down payment on an FHA first mortgage loan. The forgivable soft second will be treated and recorded as […]

Chenoa Loan Soft Second Home Grant

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$40,000 Loan to Own Utah County Grant Program

Utah County has a first time buyer program that will allow up to $40,000 in down payment assistance (DPA). The ‘Loan to Own’ down payment assistance program is available in all cities in Utah County except for Eagle Mountain, Fairfield, Alpine and Provo. The DPA can be used for down payment and closing costs, but […]

Utah County 10,000 Down Payment Program Grant

$40,000 Grant for Provo Utah First Time Buyers Program

Provo, Utah $10,000 first time home buyers programs. Home Purchase Plus is a down payment assistance program that was recently introduced to help all of Provo City increase the amount of new and first time home buyers.

Provo Utah 10,000 Home Grant DPA

$10,000 At Home in Layton Utah Down Payment Assistance

“At Home in Layton” is a first time home buyer grant money program offered by Layton City Development Block Grant Program in cooperation with U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Eligible home buyer applicants will receive up to $10,000 in grant money that may be used towards 50% of the down payment closing […]

Layton Utah 5,000 Grant Down Payment

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