Tag: Utah Home Buyers Grant

The Utah Housing HomeAgain Loan can be used by first time homebuyers or buyers that have previously owned a home. It allows for 2+ units as long as one is owner occupied.  It is a great mortgage for anyone who does not have or does not want to put an initial down payment on a home. The DPA portion allows for up to 6% of the FHA first mortgage loan in the form of a fixed rate second lien to go towards down payment and/or closing costs.

Utah Home Grant Qualify

Qualification and Requirements:*

  • Must qualify for an FHA loan
  • Minimum of 620 mid Fico score
  • Purchase loans only
  • 6% of the first loan amount is available for DPA
  • May be used anywhere in Utah
  • Maximum qualifying income limit $151,900
  • No maximum purchase price